THE FAMILY-under excruciating distress_1

crying wife

The family is the best arrangement for bringing up children to be mature adults.

In a happy family, a child knows that his father and mother will care for him when he gets sick, keeping watch over him/her. And knows that he/she can go to his mother or father with the problems of his young life and get both mental and physical help and up-building advice. When young ones grow up and have a family of their own they realize how indebted they are to their parents.

However though the revers has been the case of many so called modern family, it has turned out to be, sad to say, a place of intense suffering; unbearably distressing environment and a place of both mental and physical torture.

My question? How important is a happy, strong family to a community, to a state, and to the society? +233269965727

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