THE FAMILY-west Africa


In west Africa families is composed of the extended family. other forms of decent are recognized, the most common of which is the cognatic descent.

In general, men dominated women in West Africa, West African
women also enjoys a relative amount of freedom

The family is a universal group throughout Africa, with many different forms and functions. Everywhere the basic family unit is the elementary or nuclear family, a small domestic group made up of a husband, his wife, and their children; frequently, attached kin are included as well. This group is formed by a marriage and ends either with the death of one of the spouses or with divorce. Where polygyny is permitted, a husband and his wives form a compound family.

In west Africa a wife is also viewed as soul mate in most cases and best friend but in the cases of polygamy the husband is seen as an overlord and a judge

Because the west African people are divers i would attempt to explain country to country starting with Nigeria… be continued

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