The Human Cat


stealing meat from the soup in the kitchen last night wasn’t a bitter experience, except for the cane that Kofi received in his back the next morning.papa has planned to eat the leftover soup with two balls of kenkey he has bought in the morning. happily Papa reheats the soup and stirs it with a wooden ladle. To his surprise, no meat crosses River Jordan. Where have the meat gone to hide this early morning? Papa asked, as he calls Mama.

Papa sets up a one-man committee to find the whereabout of the lost meat. Papa then calls Mama to the kitchen for explanation perhaps she knows the where about of the missing meat. Though she was shocked to learn that all the meat have vanished from the soup overnight, she didn’t welcome the fact that her husband was first to learn about the missing meat.Her husband shouldn’t be the one to open inquiry into the vanished meat in the soup, that was her God-given duty (her responsibility).

But wait a second but who else stays in this house if not Kofi? Papa asked. (the lost meat is giving Papa headache)

Kofi, the meat in the soup have traveled far away from the soup last night. Do you know which direction they went? Papa asked.

Kofi looks at his father and smiles. He scratches his head with his left hand, with his eyes wide open fixed above the roof top. Papa don’t know how sweet the meat was last night Kofi thought to himself. Papa(angrily) “so you are the trained cat in the house. “Papa, i…i just tooks small, did i not have known where most of them have all get wings and flow away” “huh, look at you. Common Whitman’s English you can’t speak only to steal. So stealing is your hobby. You’re rather attending self-imposed stealing classes.human-cat-3Papa then holds Kofi tightly and calls Mama to bring him the cane from the bedroom. The one who made the meat travel from the pot to a ‘distant land’ a land in the great beyond has been caught. The cane was made from the tail of a horse. One stroke would tear the flesh.

After receiving twelve strokes of the cane, KOfi was made to vow in front of his parents, right arm raised, as if taking an oath in the European Court, that he will never be responsible for the disappearance of meat, that he will never ever steal again especially soup.

human-cat-4  Failure on his part his fingers would be cut off one-by one.

By: Carboo Stanley Eke

Original story by: Edward Edmond Eduful

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