Black Ant

What can be more painful to  the bit of an like this, as the pain and anger you feel after working as a school teacher and the DIRECTOR refuses to pay you, your two months salary.

It is as annoying and painful as an insect bit in the middle of the night when you are having your sweet night dreams. I asked for my money after three months and his reply was “i won’t pay you”, he added take me to court.Because justice is not executed speedily against the wicked the heart of men becomes downhearted.

Kofi worked as a school teacher in Glorious Divine Care int. school for about three months but managed to take just one month salary from the wicked school owner who has made himself a self acclaimed God, to him, he is untouchable and nothing could be done to him.

but like the ants bits its unsuspecting victim so it will be for him, in the middle of the night, yes in the middle of the night… be continued

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