Black Friday

It was a very cold morning, for there had been a heavy down pour the previous day. As the sun rose with all its beauty, standing at the Achimota overhead bridge, one could actually see the glory of the sun as some shades of its brightness falls on the east.sun rise.jpg

There stands Eduful as he earnestly anticipates the good news of a child been born to him, and what’s more? to have the joy, and to know what it means to be called a father! Among other thoughts running through his mind was the question, what would the baby be called? Hmm, what would be his name?

However, it seems that the joy of being a father has greatly overwhelmed him, for he can not just come up with a name- though this joy of his, will soon be turned into bitterness and grief  as a very unpleasant news will soon be delivered to him in just a matter of hours.

Hours passed and there was no cry of a baby “What could be wrong?” he thought to himself. He tried to ask the nurse who seemed so busy and was in a hurry “Excuse me nurse”. “Not now!” said the nurse. “what could be wrong? My wife, my baby, i hope they are alright?” Nobody answered him, it was as if he had become invisible to all the hospital staff who had all turned deaf and dump all of a sudden, for there was total silence in the hospital or was he the one rather deaf dump and blind to know that the hastiness of the nurses and the silence of the staff didn’t tell well?- in fact all wasn’t well.busy nurse.jpg

Eduful’s wife Ama, had been in child labor for over six hours. She had lost much blood, for she had been bleeding for six hours……to be continued on 05/04/2017

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