Black Friday

continued………No one was smiling. The nurses, the doctors, the hospital staff ans even Eduful. “My Ama, my Ama, oh Ama my darling wife”, he muted.

Two hours later, someone talked to Eduful. It was the medical doctor, the same doctor who always had a smiling face whenever Eduful and his wife Ama came for her regular medical check

Boys were not smiling indeed! no one, not even the birds, were singing: evryone had gone dumb or could it be Eduful who is deaf? There came Dr. Mensah with a long face. “Hmm, the ever smiling, ever cheerful doctor seemed not to be in a good mood today”, Eduful reasoned. “No, it is not about the doctors mood, all is not well, infact there is fire on the mountain!”

Ama, she lost a lot of blood and she didn’t make it, which was a result of delicate,,,,,,all Eduful could hear was logies and zims (medical terminology that he could not comprehend at the moment ). “Please Doctor, in plain English what happened to my wife, is she and the baby okay?” “calm down” said the doctor, ” the baby is fine. And the mother? That is what am explaining to you. You see, she had severe birth complications, we tried all we could but she didn’t make it,,,,,, i am sorry,,,,, i am so sorry”,,,,,

Those words echoed down Edufuls mind. “she didn’t make it. oh I AM FINISHED! my wife, my Ama, what will i do without you? The child, how will i alone care for the baby?,,,oh,,,,oh” he wept and wept. He refused to be consolled- like Jacob the grandson of Abraham of long ago who wept for his son, Joseph, when he was told by his sons, (Joseph’s brothers) that a wild animal had ripped the boy apart!

What a tragedy, it is a tragedy indeed! no wife, she is gone, she is no more, she has gone to rest, she would be sleeping for a very long while. Her light has been extinguished. Or is it Eduful’s light and that of the newborn child that have been extinguished?dark1……… be continued 07/04/2017

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