The Widower

As life nears its end, it is the small things that we often focus upon, things that we had so often taken for granted: A smile, the touch of a hand, a kind word, a tiny flower given to a loved one, the singing of a bird, sharing the warmth of the sun together with our loved one.

Eduful’s lamentations

This were things Eduful had to learn the hard way; for he has lost his wife- she is gone forever. Eduful wondered: How long will it take to get over my grief? How can i cope? will i ever see her again? He wished it was all a nightmare, that will be over when he wakes up.tears

Family, friends, well wishers, including friends of how are you, they all heard the unfortunate incident- the ears of those who heard the news of Ama’s death quivered, and blood flowed down the eyes of those who witnessed he death. Eduful the once married man with a fine, hospitable, kind and loving wife is now a widower, lif with a child to care for.

This is where I, yes even I paused for a while to observe moments of silence for Ama, for blood flowed down my mental eye, and my mental ear was filled with sounds of yelling ,,,,,,EH,,,,,,E,,,,,,,EHtearss.jpg

Sadly death is one life factor that has touched and reached all works of life, the rich, the poor, the low life and even the high life: who ever you are, we all have lost someone to death at one point in our life or another. Yes to mortal man Death is an INESCAPABLE enemy, and according to the words of Aristotle he said “Death is the most terrible of all things, for it is the end”

Most people prefer not to think about death. The reality of death, however, forces us to think about it sooner or later. Human life is very fragile- over 160,000 people die on average each day! Every human, without exception, is subject to death and this reality is frightening to many- Ama happened to be among this number that unforgettable Friday……to be continued

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