The Widower 2

continued………Friends, family, well wishers and friends of how are you, all assembled in Eduful’s house to lay Ama to rest and to console him- For he refused to be consoled, he mourned for his dear wife Ama, who did not live long enough to experience the joy of been called a mother!- hmm death snatched her away in the nick of time and away she went,,,,,,

Depression and anxiety drag his blood for he has been awoken to life’s harsh reality- he is now a widower and a single parent, left to care for a baby; Another human being who cannot talk yet, and has done evil to no man(at lest for now).

Among those anxieties were the fear of the unknown, the fear of also losing the child, the negative consequence that Ama’s death may have on him and his child

The child must be cared for; a private nurse was hired to care for the child- to wean the child. She cared for the boy and loved him, yes a boy. For it was a boy Ama had given birth to but circumstances surrounding his birth, Eduful did not even ask the doctor about the sex of the child. Yes a male he is- a boy child. The boy is ruddy, with beautiful eyes and handsome in appearance.

Days are now turning to weeks, weeks into months, to Eduful everything seems to be happening so fast; death has snatched away his one true beloved, fine, kind, hospitable and lovable wife, who cared for him emotionally and with whom they both were building a home together.

The harsh reality is that Eduful is now a single parent and whats more? he is a widower,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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