Papa Kofi 2

This is the beginning of Papa Kofi’s story, his mother died shortly after he was born so he never knew his mother. Except for the pictures he would later see when he comes of age. Left in the care of a nurse and a depressed father. The nurse loved him and tried her best to ensure that Papa Kofi was cared for- but because she is only human she can only do her best, however no love can be equaled to that of a biological mother to her on.

Nurse Abena weaned Papa kofi until he was able to walk and talk- these were the most challenging months of her life as she had no such experience, for she was yet to be a mother. Papa Kofi was the cry baby type. little wonder though why he was able to speak earlier than usual.

He would cry from mid-night until it was dawn, that was when he slept. But according to one Nigerian proverbs which says: pikin wey say em mama no go sleep himself no go sleep. In other words for nurse Abena not to sleep Papa Kofi would have to be awake crying in order to prevent her from sleeping.

At any rate, both nurse Abena and baby Papa Kofi do not sleep at mid-night. To the nurse it was an experience that was worth while for it did prepare her for future events.

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