Papa Kofi In School

Papa KOfi was 5 years old when he started primary school, and he had his PhD at 30 years of age.

As days turned into weeks, weeks into months and months into years, the once ruddy skin of Papa Kofi is gradually being darkened each passing day by the scorching heat of the sun(Ghana sun). With each passing day, he became more and more a striking resemblance of his father Eduful.

Papa Kofi turned out to be just a carbon-copy of the father as days went by.

He attended St. Monica’s school and now in primary four (4). Everyone loved Papa Kofi because he was kind and humble, but was a noise maker and this always got him into trouble, because noise making goes against classroom rules at St. Monica’s (as was the case with all the schools). Papa Kofi now in primary four (4) is able to go to sxhool on his own.

It was the first day of the school year and as expected it rained that morning. “Oh for it is raining and i will not be able to go to school early today, being the first day of the school year”. said Papa Kofi. However his father urged him to get ready for school. His father made him breakfast, as soon as he finished taking his bath, ate his breakfast, he hurried off to school.

Papa Kofi met his friend and class mate, Gift, who was also late and they both walked together. AS they approached their school, there stood teacher Monday with his long cane waiting for late pupils. Unfortunately Papa Kofi with his friend Gift, was one of them. “Even today too! did he not see the rain?” Papa Kofi muttered to himself. As they both got closer to the gate and wanted to enter, sir Monday shouted “and where do you think you are going to”. “Hmm to our class” said Papa Kofi. “Who asked you, you this noise maker of a boy are you the only one here, or are you their spokes person? Today you will hear it from me. And you Gift, you are never late what happened today, being the first day of the term, why are you late and how come both of you came together?” “Sir i met him on my way coming” Gift said. “Birds of the same fetter flukes together” sir Monday replied.

……to be continued……

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