SEC Web Design Agency is owned and managed by CARBOO STANLEY E. A freelancer Web Designer that is primarily into Creation and Updating of Websites. SEC Web Design Agency encompasses many different skills in the production and maintenance of websites. We not only build a website but also help promote it.

SEC web Design Agency vision

To be the number one freelancer web designing agency in the world by creating a network and customer relationship all around the world and keeping up with the dynamic environment of the world wide web to the satisfaction of clients and to enhance better online productivity/result through website promotion and social media partnership.

SEC web Design Agency mission

To give businesses in the world over a global presence by building and promoting websites for business and establishing social media platform to enhance the promotion and publicization of businesses and its Domain for better Productivity.

Why You Need A Website

Your Business and you need a website for this and many more reasons.

  1. A website saves you money
  2. Your small business will gain credibility
  3. A website provides a medium on which to showcase yourr work
  4. It is always accessible 24/7
  5. A website is Cost Effective as compared to the traditional means of advertising and marketing
  6. It improves customer service since your potential customers can look up your product and services from the comfort of the homes.

Why Choose SEC Web Design Agency

At SEC Web Design Agency we seek to establish a long term partnership with clients, through customer satisfaction but not compromising standard and quality.

Our packages are very affordable.


  1. Basic Promotion: GHC 300.00 NB: for restaurants only
  2. Basic Regular: GHC 500.00
  3. Premium Plan: GHC 800.00
  4. Business Plan: GHC 1100.00 and Above

Sec web design portfolio

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