How To Build And Promote Your WebSite

How To Build And Promote Your Website

1. Choose A Domain Name.

choosing a name is important for the branding of your business and getting a domain name identical or very similar to your company’s name is critical and most preferred, but what if your business name is already taken? Well you have to options if you consider that having the domain is paramount to your success. You can either change your business name if not too late or make an offer  to the owner of the domain. Hire A Professional or Create your own site

2. Decide on a Host.

There are a many hosting companies but first before making a choice identify what type of website you need as that will mean a lot as to which hosting company to choose from. There several type of hosting which include: free, standard, dedicated, virtual, shared and collocation. Before deciding however weigh the options in terms of price and ask yourself. How much am i willing to pay each month? Generally the answer will depend on how crucial a website is to your organization.  Hire A Professional or Create your own site

3. Design and Build the site.

Know your market/audience and what they like. Look to other websites that are successful in your industry or market. Unless you have resources internally consider  Hiring A Professional or Create your own site

4. Publish Your Site.

Double-check all your links, pages and design before publishing. Make publishing a big event – light up the social networks. Treat this like a grand.  Hire A Professional or Create your own site

5. Promote Site

Utilize Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Blogs, etc any other available social network to point to your site.

6. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO requires research and careful implementation. Consider hiring a professional  to get it done. Some ways of optimizing SEO are: keywords in your page title, image names etc

7. Register Your Site

Google, Yahoo, Bing are the top search engines for registration. and if you are using wordpress blog you can find this function under sitting> traffic

8. Register on Maps.

Online mapping sites are a grrs look in the area, but also reviews and website info might also be displayed in your name. Example of this tool include 1. 2. 3.

9. Maintain Your Site.

Post business updates, renew links, create new content, etc. Always ensure to keep and maintain an interactive social media presence. You can consider hiring a professional to do it for you

10. Calculate Result

Consult Google Analytics, use survey, and ask for feed back from your way to get your name out there. Not only will you be visible when potential clients/custome


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